I am not my thoughts

I’ve been in a funny space – functional but fuzzy around the edges. (Hey alliteration! It makes me smile to own these words that have just spilled from my fingers: Funny. Functional. Fuzzy).

I know where this state has come from – I’m sitting in a space of unknowing – feeling that I need to just let go of all assumptions right now and just let things unfold. But I’m coming through that now – realising, of course, that I want to be more than just ‘functional’ and floating.


Another ‘f’ word. What’s going on?!

Funny, Functional. Fuzzy and Floating.

Words are interesting things aren’t they? They have the power to liberate, but also to bind us. I’m naming things and calling them my truth but when I see them written out like this, they just look like words with no real meaning.

Last night on my Happiness course a participant said that she was taking care not to use “I am” statements so much. She explained: “I relate to my world like ‘I am lazy’, ‘I am unfit’, ‘I am a terrible cook’ and drag myself down. When I turn that around and say ‘I have moments of laziness’ etc. – it gives me a lot more freedom to move and shift away from my old patterns.”

It’s about separating ourselves away from our thoughts, feelings and body sensations. We are not these things – we are witnesses of these things.

So I see ‘Funny, Functinal, Fuzzy and Floating’ but I am not these things. They do not define me – they are temporary visitors. The trick is not to merge with it all. One way of doing this is to acknowledge that we have many parts – including the witness conciousness. So if I said, “A part of me is feeling Funny/Functional etc.” that would be much closer to my truth.

Take a moment right now and ask yourself,

  • “What are my ‘I am’ statements?”
  • Turn it around: “I have moments of….” or “A part of me feels….”  Feel the space this gives you to move and shift.

Ahhhh. That’s better!