The procrastination challenge

I have a friend who would love to write a novel but she puts it off and puts it off and puts it off. She wrote to me today because it’s her 74th birthday and she says she’s afraid she’ll pop her clogs before she puts pen to paper.

By return email I asked if she was willing to accept a series of challenges from me – with the intention of turning this around for her. Here’s the first challenge I sent her. Think of something you might have put off and try this out for yourself (obviously replacing the words like ‘novel’ with your specific desire). This could apply to anything from a project you want to be involved in, an ambition you want fulfilled or even a desire you might have like earning more money.

        The two ‘Why’s

  • First of all: Why do you want to write a novel?
    • Don’t just say ‘because I’ve always wanted to’ (or words to that effect), really try to answer this question as deeply as possible. List all the ways that it is important to you. Think about what you’d LOVE to be writing about, about the lifestyle, about the process.
  •  Now ask ‘Why?’ again. So if, for instance, you said, “I want to write because I love the feeling of connection that it gives me.” Then follow this up with the question, “Why do I love that feeling of connection?”

The idea behind these questions is to get to the root of what’s REALLY important to you. This is not about publishing a book – it’s about something much deeper than that. Look to see what that is and you’re much further to aligning to your heart’s desire. The book is simply a product – an imagined destination – but what is really vital here is the JOURNEY.

Now answer these questions:

Given what you’ve written above, what is the journey that you are on?

How far has your journey already taken you towards that which you desire? (E.g. you have experimented with connection and creativity with your cooking; you are now a published author and columnist – yes, in a different genre, but this is a big step on your journey, etc.)You are probably a lot further towards ‘Novel’ than you are giving yourself credit for. After all, a novel can be written in 6 months. Age is irrevelant hereall that matters is that you find yourself in the right energetic space to do the writing.

What is 100% true is that whilst your dominant conversation in your head is all about how you haven’t got what you want yet, how hard it is or how you may die being unfulfilled, you will simply push what you desire away. The universe gives you what you think. We need to change that conversation – gradually – to match your desire. That way when your thoughts match, your desire can manifest. Feeling good about your journey and the steps that you’ve already taken is a big step in the right direction.

See this video to have this explained a little more: