Pyjama Day

A rainy Sunday is a great opportunity for a ‘pyjama day’ – thick wooly socks, track pants, fluffy cardigan, slippers.

Other vital requirements for a pyjama day are:

  • a lie-in until 10am (minimum)
  • little to no effort on personal grooming – definitely no make-up
  • minimal underwear
  • close contact with soft furnishings
  • random snoozing
  • Sunday newspaper reading (not the news sections)
  • lots of cups of tea (preferably made by someone else)
  • guilt-free book-reading
  • guilt-free marshmallow eating (really! They’re becoming a bit of a theme aren’t they?!)
  • an afternoon movie
  • a vague feeling that perhaps you should have got more fresh air than the bit you got between the front door, the wheely-bin and back

Ways to improve on a pyjama day? Hmmm – I’ll let you know after I’ve …. after I’ve…