Happy in Italy

“Happiness is a form of courage”.  ~Holbrook Jackson

Hello. My name is Theresa Sansome and I’m happily in the process of finding happiness. You’re welcome to join me!

In conjunction with my work as a life coach and facilitator of a brand new program for self discovery called ‘Future Self Now’, I want to see what happens if I dedicate myself to my own happiness.

This is, therefore, necessarily, a self-indulgent blog. It is a chronicle. What happens when I make it my mission to always raise my energy levels – it could be from sad to cautiously hopeful, angry to mildly peeved, happy to ecstatic. My task each day is to raise myself from wherever I’m at and see what works and what doesn’t.

I’m hoping at the end of this I’ll have a goodly set of tools I can share with people (I already know quite a few from my Life Coaching work) and some great stories to tell.

I notice that Happiness seems to be something I think I’m only allowed a certain amount of – too much would be greedy or disrespectful or something. What happens when I unashamedly go all out for my own happiness – no holes barred, no glass ceiling, no apologies. I have my suspicions and I hope I’m right!

All men seek happiness. There are no exceptions. However different the means they may employ, they all strive towards this goal… The will never takes the least step except to that end. This is the motive of every act of every man…” Pascal

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  1. What a fantastic experiment! I’m chronicling a year’s experiment in Learning to Live With LOA (Law of Attraction) and most of that is about letting myself be happy and enjoy my life while looking forward to More (friends, money, adventures, creativity, etc). I look forward to reading more of your posts!!

    • Thanks! I love your posts too. I’ve just subscribed to your blog. Yes, it sounds like we’re both on a similar journey. I love LOA too and of course a lot of what I do is inspired by that. Happy journeying!

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