Miss Angry from Gloucestershire

Today I’ve been ‘Mrs Angry from Gloucestershire’. I’ve raised my voice to several unsuspecting, nameless support bods in several nameless locations around the globe. My iPhone is on the blink – has been for over 4 days now – with no sign of getting fixed anytime soon. I’m going potty!

Anything you want to know about SIM cards, IMEI numbers, ‘jailbreaking’, software updates and phone unlocking – I’m your woman. Doesn’t mean I have stopped going round and round in circles trying to find solutions, mind you – that would be too much to expect.

The slight tinge of bitterness you might detect in my tone is entirely down to the powerlessness one feels when a deceptively sexy, little black box gets the better of you.

But this blog is about raising my happiness from wherever I am, so there’s nothing for it right now but to get out the stress reduction kit:

That should do it.

5 Responses to Miss Angry from Gloucestershire

  1. I hate it when powerless in the face of technology and then more so, the helplines. . . it always reminds me of a Woody Allen sketch in which he said that his wife studied philosophy and proved that he didn’t exist, as that’s how I feel after a bit of technofrustration – as if I’m being erased by the process. Look after your head and eat some iron filings instead xxx

  2. Brilliant!! Wish i had had that kit when I lost everything on my computer – also a sexy silver giant! Love Jo xx

  3. I know I’m beginning to realize it’s all a big 20th/21st century con. We are suckered into buying the latest gizmo with the promise our lives will be so much simpler, more organised, more interesting and more fun. Instead life becomes more complicated, totally disorganized therefore we neglect to give ourselves time to do interesting and fun stuff. Not that I’m depressed or anything just got a sore head lol.

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