Beyond the doors of the cathedral

My friend Pauline – a biographical counsellor – was telling me yesterday about a philosopher in her sphere who asserts that we don’t allow ourselves to go deep enough into our experiences. When we simply walk in nature and don’t fully take in it’s wonders, for instance, he says it’s like standing at the doors of the cathedral but not going in.

This conversation with Pauline reminded me of my total and utter love of skiing. When I’m on top of a snowy peak, feeling the pure air in my lungs, the sting of the cold on my cheeks, absorbing the breathtaking vistas, I feel as if I’ve come home. The mountains, for me, are definitely the epitome of entering the cathedral.

I know I’m going all multi-media on you – (of course you know I do love technology!) – but I couldn’t resist showing you this video I took whilst schussing through the woods above Zee-Am-See in Austria in 2010. I just love the sound of my skis gliding through the snow and the wind in my ears. As you watch this, ask yourself how you can have your own ‘cathedral experience’. Don’t just go out in nature – let it become you.

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  1. Heaven!
    What’s my cathedral experience? Definitely to do with water. Whether it’s a sea or a ‘sweet sea’ (fresh water), hearing the rhythm and the voice of water is my perfect heaven. Paddling on it, swimming in it, sitting by it, just listening to it….all cathedral experiences to me. xxx

  2. Walking in the woods, leaves hushing, tall pines creaking like ships at sea, and a pair of crows nattering down at me. That’s my cathedral experience.

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