“Oh, I say”, she said, “let’s DO something!”

Got a real happy-high this morning from finding this fantastic old girls’ annual. (I used to collect them). I just love the language!


Chapter II

“Well, the next hour or two was simply frightful. Delia and I shouted for help and shouted again; but we might have saved ourselves the trouble , for there wasn’t any one to hear. There was only old Timm’s house on the shore, and that was half a mile away, and the wind was against us.

“But he’ll find out that the boat is missing, and he’ll come out after us,” I said; “Do they know at school where you and the kids are?” I asked Gwynneth, as she came back from searching around the island…”

“No,” she said

“And we didn’t mention it either,” said Delia. “Oh begorra, there’s nothing for it but to make the best of things till Timms turns up.”

“But I’m frightfully hungry,” said Jean suddenly”….[she] began to cry and to cough too, and Mary looked as though she’d follow suit; while, to tell the truth, Delia and I had fairly lost our heads.

It was Gwnneth who spoke up. “I say, she said, “let’s do something!”

Now, she’d not said, “I told you so,” over the drifting-off of the boat: she’d been jolly decent about that; and quite suddenly, I felt awfully glad we’d got her with us…”

“Gwynneth… you’re a marvel,” I said…

Well, thanks to Gwynneth again, we’d a fine fire pretty soon, though it took lots of patience in the making. The children were quite gay again before long, bringing fuel and sticks to keep it up…”


[They have more adventures, Gwynneth saves the day, then later that night back at school….]

“Gwynneth,” I said that night in the dormitory, “you’re a brick. What we should have done without you, I can’t imagine. I’ll never say a word against your Guide Books again; in fact, I may as well confess I think Guides must be splendid!”


Hope you all have a simply splendid weekend!





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