Heart plans, not head plans

A last minute scramble to get ready for a showcase of Future Self Now today meant that I was up til 1.30am last night. The session went well though – attracting a fair few people which I was very pleased about. A lovely lunch in a quirky tea shop with a new friend afterwards rounded off a very satisfactory morning.

2012 for me is about a new resolve to reach new levels of promoting myself and my business. I think the hunger to earn well hasn’t really been there before, but now it is and it felt good to experience myself actively and sincerely promoting FSN today. I’ve still got a lot to learn and I’ll need some help but I’m off to a good start. Yay!

A friend of mine recently said that “nothing can really be achieved without the heart”. I thought this was great. Talking of new resolves for 2012, it’s important that we make sure that what we are creating comes from the heart and not from the head:

  • What do you REALLY want to achieve this year?
  • How will it make you feel at the end of the year to have succeeded in your goals? Be specific. These feelings will be our touchstone and inspiration for the months ahead.
  • Check in – are you making any assumptions about how your year will go? Are these assumptions valid? Perhaps they’re no longer relevant.
  • Do you have a core expectation of hard work? Challenge this. How can work and play feel more like one and the same thing this year?

Let’s make this a heart-centred, smile-inducing, pat-ourselves-on the back kind of year!



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