Happy New Year!

Each new year we turn to our loved ones and wish them happiness for the year ahead. I wholeheartedly wish the same for you!

We had a fabulous New Year’s eve with my sister Caroline, her husband Ian and my niece Fiona at a cottage we’d all rented in North Wales. Ian and Guy set up a fire in the garden and we watched them let off fireworks into the windy Welsh night. A lot of fun.

Fireworks are fabulous aren’t they? Is it possible to be grumpy and watch fireworks at the same time? I don’t think so. Listen to the reaction of the crowd when the fireworks started in London this year. I just love those rockets coming out of Big Ben with each strike of the clock!

Fireworks bring communities together with their exuberance, colour, grandeur, excitement, abundance and celebration. I wish all of these things for you in 2012.

Let the next stage of our happiness journey together, begin!



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