It’s absolutely pee-ing with rain outside. It got dark at 4.30pm today. We are hurtling towards the shortest day of the year. Everyone’s got a cold.

On the bright side I’ve just booked 4 tickets to Bordeaux, France, to see my brother John, his lovely partner, Berenice and their two gorgeous girls – one of whom has just been born. Yay! We’re going in February – a notoriously blah month. It’ll be fantastic to have something to look forward to.

I remember when I ran workshops based on the book ‘The Artist’s Way’ and we talked about how sometimes the best way to get motivated is to effectively bribe yourself: “OK inner critic, you allow me to write this poem/paint this scene etc. etc. and I’ll make sure we get to the movies tonight” …. or some such.

I’ve effectively done the same thing here: “OK, T. you can book yourself these tickets as long as you get serious about promoting your course in January and get more focused on your business.” All right then.

Have a think about what bargain you can make with yourself right now. It’s effective and curiously fun! A real win-win.


By the way – on a practical note: I have loved having all your comments but I know that some of you haven’t been seeing my replies. If you would like to see these you need to click on the box that asks if you wish replies to be sent to your email address, at the time of posting your comment. Thanks! xx

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  1. Just wanted to say T that I am loving your posts and they are often right where I am at that point so often helpful! And was sad not to see you last thursday though it sounds like it was just as well as you were in post Advent fair after burn with the cold and everything. i was so looking forward to it but needless to say the timeslot got eaten up pretty quickly.

    Its still raining hard so hope you are tucked up with your cosy fire and Christmas tree,

    lots of love Sam

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