Listening to my energy

I had great plans today to make some major strides in the organisation of the school’s Christmas Market – something I do every year now. But it didn’t really happen. I noticed that my energy wasn’t there for it. So I went back to TLC mode because I know well enough now that if I tried to force it I would have just ended up making mistakes, feeling depleted and getting snappy with the kids.

OK now, confession time. I watched half of ‘Sound of Music’! Inspired by that clip in Antwerp Station yesterday I found myself drawn to rekindle the magic of that movie. I ate my lunch and sang along. I always feel a twinge of guilt if I do something like this but I know it does me a world of good and has me far more available and productive in the long run because I’m feeling filled up.

I was glad of that extra strength a little later when I took Julia to the dentist and found out  that she had to have her baby-teeth canines out! Poor girl, she got four injections in her mouth. I held her hand and averted my eyes!

We did have a laugh later when it was all over, though, because this is what she looked like:

Don’t worry – the white things aren’t her teeth – they’re cotton wool balls!

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  1. Brave Jules! I hope she’s feeling none the worse for her ordeal today! The pix is wonderful! Loved how, for you, you began “…at the very beginning” (doh,re,me) and filled your soul with the music….I adore Julie Andrews–and Christopher Plummer ain’t too shabby to look at either! xxxxxxx

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