A step further towards my Future Self

So I did my ‘Marshmallow’ talk and it went well. I had a bit of a “crise” (as they say in Paris), on the day before because I realised I was being far too formulaic in my approach. I was in danger of sounding very stiff and un-me. So I threw it all out and decided to ‘lean back into the arms of my angels’ and trust that I knew it enough to just go in there with 5 basic headings. It worked! It flowed, there was great audience participation and I felt natural and totally taken care of by the Universe. Thanks angels!

Phew, what a week this has been! I feel like I’ve been through the wringer – all the confusion around my prep and then dealing with a few past demons. It’s totally worth it though for all the learning I’ve had.

If you don’t mind indulging me I think I’ll write out those learnings here. So:

  • If demons or past hurts show their faces – it’s time to deal with them
  • Being ‘me’ is best. Content must never rule over authentic expression
  • Learn the content then chuck it out and just have loving communication with your audience
  • It’s not about me – it’s about being a channel for whatever wants to be said and whatever wants to be heard
  • I must always remember to get out of my own way!
  • Be really clear about the objective of the talk. Is it just a short piece of entertainment? Is it like a mini seminar? Or is it mainly for promotion of an event or product? Each one demands a different style
  • Those remote clicky things that help you move your slideshow along are *awesome”!

The biggest round of applause I got last night was from this video I used to demonstrate the power of community. They just loved it. Enjoy!



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  1. Your talk was a triumph, T. It’s hard to believe that the confident, entertaining, inspiring woman I saw on Monday night is the same one who has had so many doubts and wobbles along the way. You really did face your demons and conquer them. I just wish I had had the same degree of courage so that I could have spoken up and joined in the conversation. I always feel that everyone else is so articulate and clever, and so I stay quiet for fear of humiliating myself. However, I’ll say it now instead – I’ve experienced Future Self Now on several occasions when working with T, and while it can be difficult sometimes to pinpoint the actual details of my Future Self, what I experienced very powerfully was the ‘feeling’ of being her. The strength and power and fun of it, stripped of all my current fears and blocks. I know it was real because I cried when I felt it – it was like a huge relief and a release, to know that that is who I really am beneath all the layers of doubt. Experiencing that wholeness just once was enough for me. Now I know where I’m going I can relax and allow the journey to unfold.

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