This vast, wondrous and tiny planet we call home

The colour of the sky today was amazing. I went for a walk with my friend Liz and we had to keep stopping our chatter to marvel at how warm it was, at the autumnal colours and at how good it felt to be out amongst it all.


Our wonderful planet – this fragile and wondrous ecosystem working miraculously to sustain us; this vast and beautiful globe full of such diversity and abundance – seas, deserts, forests, caves, ice-caps, mountains – home to just under 9 million species. We human beings are only recent inhabitants. The earth has been around 4.5 billion years, homo sapiens have been doing their thing for only 150,000 of those years. It is an awesome thing – mind boggling to think about. We cannot hope to ever get our head around all of the riches this earth has to offer.

And yet….this is all so tiny when we pull focus and take a look at ourselves from space. Take a look at this video:


How can we ever say that we have it all worked out? If this tiny atom-like speck that is our planet can be so diverse and wondrous, then how fantastic to think about what could be going on in some of those other specks out there!



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