Where did I go?

Where did I go? Down a technological black hole!

I’m sure you’ve been here – sucked in by an issue with a computer and unable to claw yourself back to the real world. Last night I took this to an extreme – up to 1am trying to sort out an issue I’m having migrating this blog to a new more whizzy version – then unable to get to sleep fretting that I’d mangled everythng, until 4am. Today I feel like I’ve just stepped off the plane from New Zealand. Deeply tired and not of this planet.

I was talking to my friend Kelly in Canada today about the levels of anxiety we can get ourselves into:

  • Level 1 – the originating issue (for me it was “help! I think I’ve lost some vital data!)
  • Level 2 – the beating yourself up layer
  • Level 3 – the berating yourself for beating yourself up layer
  • Level 4 – the beating yourself up for losing sleep over berating yourself for beating yourself up layer

“Oh what a tangled web we weave”!

Time to go back to my recent blog 6 antidotes to beating myself up and let myself crawl back out of the labyrinth – starting with Forgiving Myself, moving on to Nurturing Myself (getting more sleep in!), and moving to Putting it into Perspective.

Kelly said: “Well this is the kind of issue your Future Self will have!” How true and heartening in a funny sort of way. The potential outage of the blog (and what I felt was the potential for letting down my subscribers) IS a new problem – born out of my personal expansion. If I wasn’t in the process of expansion this issue wouldn’t have arisen. I love the perverse rightness of that!

So my uplifter for today? Well I suppose it’s right back to celebrating the knocks for the wonderful growth that it brings. (My Future Self is cheering for that I as I write!).

I know not everyone loves Nike but the message in this ad sums this all up well.

4 Responses to Where did I go?

  1. I wish I had known about the relationship between failure and success when I was younger. No ever told me that those two are partners dancing the same dance. So of course, like most of us…I learned it the hard way.

    I’m really enjoying your Happiness Experiment. Each day, a little bit of something to make me think. Thanks!

  2. nice to be someone who prompts you, even if it is in a perverse sort of way. Nice to see this post go out, the experiment continues! Kelly

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