Breathing in time with Nature

I’m sitting in Woodchester graveyard in the shade of an arch that once formed part of the old monastery. It is beautifully warm. A blackbird chirps, a lawnmower rumbles, a breeze fans the autumnal trees. I’ve just completed my prep for tomorrow’s Future Self Booster workshop and I’ve even managed to fulfil my commitment to movie-joy! (Tinker Tailor, Soldier, Spy – atmospheric, well acted, a boy movie).

This morning I walked around the woods by Sapperton with my friend, Fiona. The talk was energetic and inspiring but we didn’t forget to stop and marvel at the beauty around us.

Nature. When we stop and look, it has so much to tell us about Flow. It’s interesting that this video I took, (through some quirk of my phone’s video recorder), seems to have a heartbeat! If I can breathe in time with nature, it seems to me, then I can experience that sense of belonging – that higher rhythm – that so beautifully demonstrates to us who we truly are.

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