The Passion List

So I did it again. I went to the cinema all by myself this afternoon! I realise this pretty much tops my list of secret pleasures now. At about 12.20pm today I had just got back from having a coffee with my lovely friend, Ahrabella Heabe, when I sat down at my desk to start work. I’ve got lots to do to prepare for my upcoming workshops and public talk. There is also a ton to do for the school’s Advent Fair of which I am one of the organisers. Enough said. ‘So now I must crack on,’ I told myself. BUT ….

A feeling came over me. The kind that tells you to go to the cinema instead. I resisted at first, of course, but as I casually checked showing times the feeling got a hold until it was pushing me so hard I said out loud, “OK, OK. I’ll go!”

I had to go. How could my blog’s byline be “How happy do I dare to be?”, only for me to demure? Because – OK I’m prepared to admit it now – movies make me very happy indeed. And, oh what bliss awaited me as I hurried out of the door to catch the 12.40 showing! Small popcorn (non- negotiable), large tea and a whole cinema to myself. My popcorn got a seat to itself, as did my handbag. I got to rest my ankles on the seat in front of me. I got to slouch. I got to laugh out loud and to sniff back the tears as it all resolved so touchingly.

I love movies. Yes, I really do have to admit it – so much so that I think a trip a week would not go amiss. Why would I hold back if it makes me happy? I’ve made a commitment, so I’ll do it!

The film by the way was Crazy, Stupid, Love. I loved it – funny and sweet. If you liked ‘Little Miss Sunshine, I’m sure you’ll love this.

So as of today, I’m out of the daytime-movie closet. (Guy’s in London all week so it must be daytime and given the high likelihood of an empty cinema that’s fine by me!) Film is now firmly on my list – my Passion List. I realise it’s SO important to get familiar with what makes us zing!

As I came out of the theatre all-a-tingle as usual I thought about this list – it comprises everything that touches my soul’s erogenous zone (am I allowed to say that?) Here is an excerpt of mine – what comes to mind right now – for the record:

  • Movies
    Going to matinees
    Being alone in a movie theatre
    Talking ‘Future Self’
    One on one Future Self coaching sessions
    Working with groups in my Future Self workshops
    Writing this blog
    Writing in my notebooks
    Giving talks (a new one for me but I know it’ll grow)
    Driving with music cranked up loud – singing
    Sitting cross-legged on Selsley common like a mad woman blogging on my iPhone

So, what’s on your Passion List?

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