A thing of beauty

Today is one of those days when everything went according to plan – rare but beautiful!

Tennis and then coffee with a friend first thing – blissful in the sunshine; chiropractor, (good talk about how to look after my hip during my new fitness regime); great catchup with a dear friend in Canada; two client calls; great email and to-do catch-up; ferrying kids about to activities; surpisingly good stuffed pork tenderloin – my own recipe; helping kids with homework; lunch boxes done; washing up done. Ahhh – I’m good!

I was just about to say – “I better relish this because it’ll probably all go pear-shaped tomorrow” but now I’m thinking, Why? That’s my impulse to apologise for having a good day again isn’t it? (See my previous blog: ‘The non-existent marshmallow of happiness’)

Instead I will relish this good feeling of a day well-spent. I will bask in the sunshine and soak it up – just because it feels good and feeling good is me being totally aligned with my Future Self – with who I really am. And, after all, this is what this blog is all about. The happier I am – the more my Future Self and I are bound to become as one. Nice!

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