Righteous Indignation!

Well, here’s a good one. I’m indignant!

I just rang a fellow parent at the school to ask if her son would like a lift home tomorrow and straight away I get, (when she comes to the phone), a very terse: “What? I’m going out.” I explain the reason for my call and say that as I’d given him a lift last week perhaps he’d like me to do the same this week as I’ve got a spare seat. “Well, I think he got a bit tired last week after being dragged all around the houses in Stroud.”

Well – ex-cuuuuuuse me! First up I simply dropped Julia off at her cello lesson on the way home and secondly he doesn’t have to have a bleedin’ lift if he doesn’t want one! Honestly the cheek of it. I felt like telling her he could walk home then but of course I didn’t. I bit my tongue and seethed. As you can tell I am still seething.

So tonight you’re getting a real live, wriggling emotion – hanging like a maggot from my karmic fishing rod!

OK so what do I do with this one? Hmmm. Well, it definitely feels better to write about it. Good time for an Energy Ladder I think:

Normally I would do this on paper – making 12 rungs and writing each line against a rung but for blog-puposes I’ll just list it. You need to imagine me starting with number 1. at the bottom of the ladder and working up to my ideal outcome on the top (12th) rung. (So the list below is kind of upside down). Remember the idea here is that I don’t try any big leaps – I simply write a statement each time that gives me some relief and feels true.

So here goes:

  1. I’m indignant about that very ungracious parent!
  2. She’s clearly not a happy person
  3. Maybe she was in a hurry and wasn’t thinking straight
  4. Maybe she’s like that with everyone
  5. At least I get to vent about it on my blog!
  6. It’s certainly a good opportunity to put my money where my mouth is and experiment with getting into a better place about it
  7. I’ve had a lot worse and survived
  8. I’m so fortunate not to have anyone close in my life like this – this is just an aberration
  9. I know I’m a good person with the best of intentions – she can either see that or not – that’s fine
  10. I don’t need to give lifts again to her son any more – it’s totally my choice
  11. I know I can shrug this off. I have no idea what’s going on for her but I’m content with where I’m at
  12. Some people have different ways of handling things and I don’t ever have to make that mean anything about me.

Yay! It works.

I feel so much better. Thank you Mr Energy-Ladder.


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