Spicing up the Routine

The children went back to school today and I’m back to my term-time routine. I like routine – it is the walls to my castle. (Which admittedy feels like a bouncy castle at times!) It’s nice to have a structure to work inside of – it feels safe – but it’s also nice to have plenty of room to manoevre inside of that structure.

For some reason even exercise and the regular internal work I do – journalling and chatting to my Future Self – seem to fall by the wayside during the holidays – I’m not sure why. But today – bang – there I was like Pavlov’s favourite dog, falling out of bed, packing my swimming things and a notepad, ready for a trip to the pool and a cappucino-and-journalling moment afterwards.

The exercise was the routine but the pool was the flex inside of it. I haven’t swum for exercise for years (I got into a real rut with the gym before the summer) and yet I love it. How nice to find something fresh to do inside of the everyday – no matter how small! So this was today’s uplifter and today’s lesson. It’s great to have routine but be careful not to become a slave to it. Find ways to mix and match and spice it up a little.

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