Rampages of Appreciation

It’s impossible to be grateful and upset at the same time. In the moment of appreciation – even if it is just a fleeting moment – we are free. When it comes to raising our energy, this is what makes gratitudes, in my opinion, even more powerful than meditation. Gratitude allows us to connect with abundance, wonder, love, generosity, joy. Meditation is quieter – more about stillness, contemplation and awareness – all extremely beneficial of course, but not as effective at having us climb what I call the energy ladder.

A reader of this blog  – www.iamlivinginthemoment.wordpress.com – recently asked me after reading my post about the importance of putting our loved ones on a pedestal how that’s done. The short answer is with lots of appreciations! Abraham-Hicks call this practice of super-appreciating, a ‘rampage of appreciation’. This is where you just start on a subject and find every which way to be grateful for it. Here’s an example of a ‘rampage’:

The thing is that once you get going and become really conscious of what it is you’re appreciating, you find you come up with more and more to be grateful for – it kind of spirals and spirals, grows and grows. You’ve just got to get the ball rolling and when you do everything else seems to shut off as you just bathe in this delicious and abundant energy.

What can you rampage in gratitude about today?



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  1. I thank you for your response on your last post. I understand what you mean by with the whole camera analogy. It really does spiral and spiral!!!! I loved that video too! She keeps going and going, and by her excitement for everything that she kept listing I was feeling her excitement. I deeply appreciate your response, and this post. It is most helpful. Does your partner share the same gratitude you have? I’m assuming that this type of behavior/love/appreciation is contagious, no? :-)

    • Hi – thanks for your message. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, it’s definitely mutual! In the past I think I was the one that caused problems with sulkiness etc. – Guy has always been on a much more even keel! Now that I’ve reprioritised, things are much more in flow and I know now who to look to if I want things to change. Me! All the best. Have a great weekend. Theresa.

  2. Very wise. I have this loving kindness meditation beside my bed and I find it useful to put different names in the gap, especially if I find it difficult to get on with someone. It takes all negativity away!
    Loving Kindness Compassion meditation

    Say the meditation 3 times for each of 4 targets
    For yourself; for a loved one; for a neutral person;
    for a person you have difficulty with.
    1. May _____ be filled with loving kindness
    2. May _____be well
    3. May _____be peaceful and at ease
    4. May _____be happy
    5. May _____be free of suffering
    6. May the day go well with _____

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