The magic of teamwork and community

So I’m back from a wonderful few days on Sasha’s school camp. Along with other Class 5-ers from Steiner schools around the country they recreated the ancient Greek Olympics. It was a fabulous event and one I had the privilege to help out with. I spend a lot of time volunteering at the school – going on school trips, organising the Advent Fair, being a class rep, chairing the Parents Focus Group and generally sticking my oar in! I love it.


I recently watched a wonderful program charting the lives of a combined catholic and protestant boys’  football team, joined together in the time of the sectarian ‘Troubles’ by sport and by a rock-solid sense of community and place.

There is something absolutely magical that happens when a group of like-minded people get together to work towards a common end. Something way beyond the sum of the parts. It’s the power of this magic that can unite towns, cities and nations around sport for instance. It is the difference between a ballad and a symphony. It is the difference between the complaint of an individual and the righting of political and social wrongs through mass protest.

It’s this magical ‘something’  – the power of the group – that I love so much. I’ve talked about it before and no doubt I’ll keep on exploring it because I feel so compelled to be a part of my community – to experience this magic.



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  1. LOVE the teamwork quote, and VERY interesting that this is what I read tonight. I just wrote down that my next two year theme, on the journey of a meaningful connected life…is TEAM..on my fundraising project for the Ride for the Cure, I have team for the event of riding, but i don’t have team for fundraising, and that part hasn’t been nearly as powerful and fun as it could,….but I see this opening up in many many ways…Our limbic system needs care and community are on to something about happiness with this one T, AND you are one of the most effective people I know at building community to a worthwhile destination, I’d love to see some of your learnings and tips from your experieince, around what really worked, and lessons learned from what really didn’t…

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