Delayed Gratification

This is a familiar one for me. Sitting in bed contemplating my commitment to something and thinking “I’m frankly not sure I can be bothered”!

This morning at 9am – still holed up comfortably under my duvet and reading a great book written by a friend of mine – the thought of going for a jog, as I’d promised myself, didn’t feel so great.

I did go in the end and it all came down to me asking myself: “How will I feel tonight if I did my run today?”

Joachim de Posada, in this six minute TED talk, explains how delayed gratification was a good predictor of future success. Curious that it’s centred around marshmallows (we’re all at it!)

See his talk here – it’s quite funny in places!

When blobbing is the perfect solution

It’s been a full week with lots of unexpected elements. A two day sleepover on Monday and Tuesday (lovely child – my son gets soooo excited though!), preparing and running a talk on Future Self Now on Thursday, all sorts of bedding down of arrangements for lifts, school, after-school activities etc., and lots more, culminating yesterday with the kids and I having to get towed away from hockey practice in Cirencester. It was a great adventure for the children – being in the back of the tow truck and not getting back home til 9.45pm. I, however, after a morning of yet more school and after-school meetings and arrangements, shopping and of course car stuff, hit a brick wall!

So I realise I have overstretched.

Round up the troops it’s time for some R&R!

I’ve got quite practiced at spotting when my output-o-meter has reached full and, although, I often wrestle with my ex-Catholic-self about it, I know the only way to recover is to stop and allow myself to blob.

So blob is what I have done this afternoon. So far I’ve watched two episodes of The Great British Bake Off (loved the bread episode – got quite inspired) and Episode 11 of the Killing which I’m really enjoying at the moment (even though reading the subtitles often makes me sleepy for some reason!)

Blobbing works. Blobbing is good. It comes under the title of ‘Comfort’ in my Comfort/Nurture/Action scale (see ‘Tools I am Using’). If we have pushed a little too hard or expected ourselves to be spread too thinly then there is nothing for it but a little bit of equal-and-opposite – in other words a swing to the other end of the spectrum in order to even things out.