Tecnological Magic

I love technology. Yes it can drive us mad at times but it’s mostly a delight to me. It’s such a marvel how much we have achieved in just the past ten years. I was around in the IT industry when it first began. I even had my own company selling PC software and hardware called ‘Aegis Computers’. Who’d ‘ave thought!

So imagaine my delight when I saw how this magician has harnessed technology and made it art, entertainment and magic all rolled into one!

Excited anticipation

Today I’ve been doing the final preparations for a taster session I’m doing at the Isbourne Holistic Centre in Cheltenham. I’m looking forward to it. I always enjoy preparing for talks and workshops – coming up with new ways of talking about Future Self Now.

The preparations have also caused me to be really present to my Future Self (the International Inspirational Speaker). Tomorrow is another small step along the path of aligning with my Future Self and any kind of true alignment with her always feels exciting.

So the uplifter for today is Excited Anticipation – not only for tomorrow’s talk and the new people I will have the pleasure of meeting, but also for my own future!