The telephone of my mind

“I keep the telephone of my mind open to peace, harmony, love and abundance. Then whenever doubt, anxiety or fear try to call me they keep getting a busy signal and soon they’ll forget my number.”
Edith Armstrong

Rampages of Appreciation

It’s impossible to be grateful and upset at the same time. In the moment of appreciation – even if it is just a fleeting moment – we are free. When it comes to raising our energy, this is what makes gratitudes, in my opinion, even more powerful than meditation. Gratitude allows us to connect with abundance, wonder, love, generosity, joy. Meditation is quieter – more about stillness, contemplation and awareness – all extremely beneficial of course, but not as effective at having us climb what I call the energy ladder.

A reader of this blog  – – recently asked me after reading my post about the importance of putting our loved ones on a pedestal how that’s done. The short answer is with lots of appreciations! Abraham-Hicks call this practice of super-appreciating, a ‘rampage of appreciation’. This is where you just start on a subject and find every which way to be grateful for it. Here’s an example of a ‘rampage’:

The thing is that once you get going and become really conscious of what it is you’re appreciating, you find you come up with more and more to be grateful for – it kind of spirals and spirals, grows and grows. You’ve just got to get the ball rolling and when you do everything else seems to shut off as you just bathe in this delicious and abundant energy.

What can you rampage in gratitude about today?



Drawing meditation

As I explore the art of paying attention I have just become  aware of Mandalas. I tried one today for the first time and here’s my very modest result.


Mandalas are rooted in the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism and Native American spirituality. Modern psychologists also use mandalas to have patients explore their inner sense of self.

 Why not give it a go? It’s very soothing and your inner child will have a ball at the same time!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how to do it.



The magic of teamwork and community

So I’m back from a wonderful few days on Sasha’s school camp. Along with other Class 5-ers from Steiner schools around the country they recreated the ancient Greek Olympics. It was a fabulous event and one I had the privilege to help out with. I spend a lot of time volunteering at the school – going on school trips, organising the Advent Fair, being a class rep, chairing the Parents Focus Group and generally sticking my oar in! I love it.


I recently watched a wonderful program charting the lives of a combined catholic and protestant boys’  football team, joined together in the time of the sectarian ‘Troubles’ by sport and by a rock-solid sense of community and place.

There is something absolutely magical that happens when a group of like-minded people get together to work towards a common end. Something way beyond the sum of the parts. It’s the power of this magic that can unite towns, cities and nations around sport for instance. It is the difference between a ballad and a symphony. It is the difference between the complaint of an individual and the righting of political and social wrongs through mass protest.

It’s this magical ‘something’  – the power of the group – that I love so much. I’ve talked about it before and no doubt I’ll keep on exploring it because I feel so compelled to be a part of my community – to experience this magic.



OK, I admit it, I’m happy!

I’ve said it before, but isn’t it funny that it often feels very difficult to admit that we’re genuinely happy? Especially in front of anyone we might perceive as having a hard time at the moment. There’s a compulsion, I notice, to temper any statement of happiness with at least one thing that’s ‘up’. It seems there’s far more kudos in struggle (and the overcoming of it) than in just ticking along contentedly. Borrr-inggggg!

But this, is what this blog is all about, of course – my journey to having the courage to see and admit just how happy I am!

In the US they talk about Pollyanna-ism – after a children’s book character who was persistently and blindly optimistic. In the UK in particular, I think, we have a deep mistrust of happy people. They must be hiding something. And while it is true in my experience that excessively cheerful people are often using a chipper demeanour to cover up internal hurt, it IS also possible for someone to be deeply and genuinely content and sane at the same time. The difference between the former and the latter is that the deeply content ones don’t feel the need to have their happiness dial on loud.

Happiness isn’t a popularity contest, it’s a question of “do I feel aligned with my truth?” That makes it a very personal thing – not something we can really explain. And nor should we. (Yes, I do see the irony!). If you are truly content it will radiate from you – communicating energetically.

Anyway, I’m saying all this because, I admit it, I am very happy right now and have been for quite a few weeks now.

“What? Weeks?”

“Yes, weeks!”

Now my internal voices are saying – “Oh god, they’re going to think I’m smug, in denial or plain batty!” Wow – those voices really are an automatic reflex!

Oh well. It’s fine. I’m loving it. Quite apart from anything else I notice I’m expending far less energy because I’m not in any state of resistance. And the advantage, I know, is that when my energy is ‘clean’ like this I’m far more open to and concious of all the riches the Universe wants to send my way.

Long may it last. But let’s hope my posts don’t lose any of their ‘juiciness’ because of it. (Whoops, was that my internal voice again?!)


“We are same”

Wonderful video using the Dalai Lama’s words. We’re all equal in our search for happiness and our humanity. Simple. Lovely. Touching.



If anyone’s in London on Tuesday 19 June at 2:00pm you can also go and see him at the Royal Albert Hall. Let me know if you do!



Three little happy things in the last three days


  •  The sunshine is back – hoorah!
  • Found a new cafe in a fabulous location
  • Loved the shadows made by my water here, sitting outside enjoying a cappucino







The fields of rapeseed that are in full bloom at the moment – swathing the land with the most brilliant yellow.

Buttercups, bluebells and wild garlic abound at the moment too.






A weekend away with Guy – south of Bristol. Soooo relaxing – a real tonic. This was where we had supper on Saturday night – The Lamb at Axbridge (right).

It’s easy to be happy on holiday!

We’re at Pyla – on the coast near Bordeaux at my brother’s partner’s parents’ holiday house. It’s quiet – nobody seems to come here in the winter. Yesterday we went for a long walk along the wet sand towards Arcachon. Happiness comes easy with time in abundance, plenty of sea air and nothing to do except enjoy each other’s company.

If you can’t see my slideshow from email, click here.



Heart plans, not head plans

A last minute scramble to get ready for a showcase of Future Self Now today meant that I was up til 1.30am last night. The session went well though – attracting a fair few people which I was very pleased about. A lovely lunch in a quirky tea shop with a new friend afterwards rounded off a very satisfactory morning.

2012 for me is about a new resolve to reach new levels of promoting myself and my business. I think the hunger to earn well hasn’t really been there before, but now it is and it felt good to experience myself actively and sincerely promoting FSN today. I’ve still got a lot to learn and I’ll need some help but I’m off to a good start. Yay!

A friend of mine recently said that “nothing can really be achieved without the heart”. I thought this was great. Talking of new resolves for 2012, it’s important that we make sure that what we are creating comes from the heart and not from the head:

  • What do you REALLY want to achieve this year?
  • How will it make you feel at the end of the year to have succeeded in your goals? Be specific. These feelings will be our touchstone and inspiration for the months ahead.
  • Check in – are you making any assumptions about how your year will go? Are these assumptions valid? Perhaps they’re no longer relevant.
  • Do you have a core expectation of hard work? Challenge this. How can work and play feel more like one and the same thing this year?

Let’s make this a heart-centred, smile-inducing, pat-ourselves-on the back kind of year!



A step further towards my Future Self

So I did my ‘Marshmallow’ talk and it went well. I had a bit of a “crise” (as they say in Paris), on the day before because I realised I was being far too formulaic in my approach. I was in danger of sounding very stiff and un-me. So I threw it all out and decided to ‘lean back into the arms of my angels’ and trust that I knew it enough to just go in there with 5 basic headings. It worked! It flowed, there was great audience participation and I felt natural and totally taken care of by the Universe. Thanks angels!

Phew, what a week this has been! I feel like I’ve been through the wringer – all the confusion around my prep and then dealing with a few past demons. It’s totally worth it though for all the learning I’ve had.

If you don’t mind indulging me I think I’ll write out those learnings here. So:

  • If demons or past hurts show their faces – it’s time to deal with them
  • Being ‘me’ is best. Content must never rule over authentic expression
  • Learn the content then chuck it out and just have loving communication with your audience
  • It’s not about me – it’s about being a channel for whatever wants to be said and whatever wants to be heard
  • I must always remember to get out of my own way!
  • Be really clear about the objective of the talk. Is it just a short piece of entertainment? Is it like a mini seminar? Or is it mainly for promotion of an event or product? Each one demands a different style
  • Those remote clicky things that help you move your slideshow along are *awesome”!

The biggest round of applause I got last night was from this video I used to demonstrate the power of community. They just loved it. Enjoy!